Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

  1. source url Tibetan Mastiff -$7000

اسهم السوق السعودي اليوم Ever wondered which is the most expensive dog breed of the world? And which are the largest dogs in the world. Welcome the Tibetan Mastiff, both the largest and the most expensive dog breed in the world. Recently, a Red Tibetan Mastiff was recorded as being sold for a whopping $1.5 million!!

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get link Himalayas just don’t produce the largest mountains of the world but the most massive dog breed. Tibetan Mastiff is a Himalayan mountain dog which can reach a height of 83 cm and easily weigh more than 200 pounds. They require a spacious yard and require a lot of exercise. The large size of the Mastiff has helped it protect flocks, towns and people, including royalty, for over 5,000 years. They have also been used as Dogs of War. It is an intelligent breed and dog breeds like the Saint Bernard, Great Dane and Newfoundland owe their origin to it.سعر-شراء-الذهب-عيار-21-ÙÙŠ-السعوديه A wealthy Red Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash was recently purchased by a wealthy Chinese businessman for $1.5 million.

خيار ثنائي روبوت العمل As a socialized, more domestic dog, it can thrive in a spacious, fenced yard with a canine companion, but it is generally not an appropriate dog for apartment living. 2. Bulldog- $6000

click here As adorable they may appear, Bulldogs are extremely heavy and powerful dogs.


افضل شركات تداول الخيارات الثنائية Around 500 years back, Bulldogs were bred for the purpose of bull baiting.  In England, during the time of Queen Anne, bull-baiting was practiced in London, where the sport was for the dogs to immobilise the bull. Before the event started, the bull’s nose was blown full of pepper to enrage the animal before the baiting. Specially trained dogs would set upon the bull, with a successful attack resulting in the dog fastening his teeth strongly in the bull’s snout. The bulldog was bred especially for this sport. Hence the resultant extraordinary jaw strength of the bulldog.

Bulldog vs. bull fighting

follow url An interesting aspect of bulldogs is that the excessive tissue inside the nose restricts their breathing through the nose leading to frequent breathing problems.

أربح المال بالمنزل 3. Rottweiler- $5500

source Rottweilers were traditionally bred to drive cattle to market and pull carts. They can be quite difficult to train and can be very aggressive. That is the reason they are used a lot in the Police.

  1. حساب تدريبي في الفوركس Akita- $4500 Made famous through the movie Hachiko: A Dogs Tale, purebred Akita’s sometimes sell for inordinately high amounts. A Japanese breed, they are quite accustomed to cold temperatures having thick fur coats and a massive head. Akita’s are difficult to train and have an aggressive demeanour due to which they cannot be left alone in the company of other dogs of the same sex. They are also quite faithful and protective of the family.

  1. German Shepherd – $4000 They are extremely intelligent and versatile and were originally developed to guard and herd flocks of sheep. They make an excellent family dog and are also used a lot by the police, guards and as search and rescue dogs. A well-trained German Shepherd can be an expensive buy.

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