Top 5 Most Intelligent Dog breeds of the World Smartness in dogs is graded on the basis of their ability to understand new commands and success rate of the obedience of those commands. A dog which can learn new commands quickly and can obey them are the easiest to train and can be excellent companions. Let us take a look at some of the smartest dog breeds in the world.

  1. Border Collie

click here A Border Collie is a hard working dog bred for its exceptional intelligence and obedience. They are famously used for herding livestock, like sheep, all over the world. They are quite athletic and are widely used in dog sports and their easy trainability makes them excellent contenders for dog dancing competitions.

  1. Standard Poodle Traditionally Standard Poodle was used for hunting ducks or birds as they are great swimmers, have a moisture resistant coat and are easy to train for hunting. Being highly intelligent breed, harsh or brute force training methods are not recommended for them. Being a very popular dog breed, they are found in various shapes and colours today. They have a kind demeanour and love playing games and thus are highly recommended for families with children. Poodles are social dogs and dislike being left alone.

  1. German Shepherd German Shepherd is a large sized working dog that has its origins in Germany. It is popularly known as Alsatian in some countries. German Shepherd was developed primarily for the purpose of herding sheep. Their strength, intelligence and trainability has made them very useful for search and rescue, military and police work. A German Shepherd is highly protective of its owners and if not trained correctly, their aggression may lead them to bite strangers. German Shepherds used in military have even been trained to parachute from an aircraft. They were used widely in World War II and possess an exceptional smelling ability very useful for tracking criminals.

  1. Golden Retriever

go site Golden Retriever was bred as large size gun dogs for retrieving shot ducks or birds. They love water and are easy to train and are popular for being a disability assistance dog used for guiding blind or deaf people. Retrievers also make a good search and rescue and detection dog. They are described as kindly, friendly and happy and make good family pets as they are patient with children. They love to work to the point that they can collapse and hence one should be careful not to overwork them. A Golden Retriever is extremely easy to train and are quite sociable.

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  1. Doberman Pinscher

source url Doberman is another breed developed in Germany. They have an extremely long bite due to their long muzzle. Being extremely loyal and quite intelligent they can show stubborn behaviour if not trained correctly. Doberman is quite ferocious and aggressive and have long been bred as a personal protection dog. Hence they need dedicated training in order to temper their demeanour to a good family dog. They can be quite aggressive to strangers but quite harmless to owners. Dobermans may sometimes interpret punishment as an attack and hence may sometimes attack back. They are widely used as a police or war dog.

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