Should you buy or adopt a puppy?

go to link You have been thinking about getting a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd for some time now. You have researched… Continue Reading →


Why are purebred dogs so expensive? Imagine paying Rs. 50,000 for a 2 month old Golden Retriever puppy. With an average litter size of 8, a…

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How to buy a Purebred Puppy

follow link The first step in buying a puppy is to decide whether you wan’t a purebred or a mixed breed puppy.…

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List of Registered Kennel Clubs in India List of registered Kennel Clubs in North India. List of registered Kennel Clubs in South India. List of registered Kennel… تعريف الرافعة

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أخبار الفوركس

What are Kennel Club’s and how to register your dog with them? What are Kennel Clubs? A Kennel Club specialises in dog breeding of some specific dog breeds, actively promotes them, maintains…

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جميع اسعار الاسهم السعوديه Continue Reading →