Outdoor Tips for Pets

  1. Keep their paws cool

Surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and metal can get very hot during a sunny day. Keep your pet away from such surfaces or you may end up hurting her paw.

  1. Don’t assume your pet is a great swimmer


 Dogs are known to be born swimmers but this does not imply that they should be left around water bodies unsupervised. Teach them how to climb out of pool using stairs by accompanying her out of the pool using steps 10 times or so. When in river, watch out for strong downstream currents and in sea look out for rip current which can carry your pet into sea within minutes.

  1. Use lifejacket

If your pet is into swimming, it is a good idea to adorn her with a life vest before she ventures into water. The life vest should be bright colored so that she can be easily spotted by you or life guards in the event of a life-threatening situation.

  1. Prevent Heat Exhaustion

At times dog may suffer from heat exhaustion. Signs include vomiting, heavy vomiting, thick drool and dry or bright red gums. To cure your pet, take her to a place which is cool. Use a damp towel to drape her. Rewet the cloth at regular intervals and take her to your vet as soon as possible. A dog’s body temperature should vary between 100°F to 103°F. Keep it within limits.

  1. Watch against parasites

 Pets may get inflicted with hookworms and heartworms through their feet pads. This risk gets heightened during summers. Ask your vet to vaccinate your pet thus protecting her from the resulting diseases.

There can’t be a better joy than spending your time with a happy, smiling pet.



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