How much should you feed your Dog?

follow link Does your dog do any of these things to communicate his/her need to be fed:
  1. Making soft whining noises: He will stand close to you and stare at you. He will start making soft whining noises. If you stand up, he will do their best to usher you into the kitchen.
  2. Guiding you to the food bowl: Your dog will stand in front of the regular food bowl and stare innocently at you.
  3. Give you puppy eyed stare while you are eating. Dogs aren’t very different than people when it comes to eating. A dog may eat a quite less than what is required for a healthy growth. In general, if you can easily see your dog’s ribs, you need to provide more food to your dog. Or a dog can eat a lot more than he needs and quickly become overweight.

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منصة تداول الخيارات الثنائية You can easily end up over feeding your dog, because they will always eat what is in front of them, even if they are full. To understand this constant eating behaviour of dogs we have to understand their ancestor – the wolf.

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الخيارات الثنائية tradeking Wolves living in the wild may go days or weeks without food, especially during winters. So, whenever they have a chance to gorge, they would eat a lot more as the next meal’s timing may be uncertain.

click Our domesticated dogs have the same evolutionary programming, leading to binge eating tendencies.  The following rules can be followed to prevent your beloved dog from becoming overweight:

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  • Feed at the same time every day. Dogs love routine, so let them get used to having food at fixed times every day.
  • Don’t feed them extras: if they are begging with innocent faces while you are eating. The innocent stare of your dog can make it difficult for you not to feed him.


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