Does Your Dog Love You? 10 Signs to Look For

Dogs are one of the favorite pets around. Every dog owner loves his/her dog. We like to believe that our dogs love us too. But how do we know for sure?

Read On to find 10 ways in your dog shows its affection towards you.

  • Wakes you up

“Hurry, wake up. You are getting late for office”. This isn’t exactly what goes in a dog’s mind. The actual thought is, “Hurry, wake up. You need to take me out for my morning walk”.

  • Licks your face

The easiest way to tell that your dog loves you the most in this world

  • Waits for you when you are away

Dogs are known to have a loving bond with human beings. They feel the separation when you have gone out. If you find your dog looking outside the door when you are away, you know he/she needs you badly.

  • Catches hold of you as soon you arrive home

It doesn’t matter whether you have been away from your home for a few minutes or several days. If your dog latches on to you every time you enter your home, you know for sure that he/she missed you. Be ready for the “love marks”

  • Wagging tail

Once of the most common signs to know that your dog likes to have you around is wagging of tail.

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  • Grabs hold of your belonging

If you find your dog grabbing hold of your belongings and running amok around the house, he/she is just seeking your attention. Play with your dog enough and he/she will stop tearing your stuff.

  • Snuggling

While you are seated in your sofa watching your favorite TV series, you may often find your dog snuggling up to you. If so, rest assured that your dog is more interested in you then the TV series.

  • Sits in your lap at Dining Table

When you are having dinner, you may often find your dog sitting in your lap surveying around for food J. Of course, he/she loves you but why miss food for love?

  • Gets Jealous

Does your dog scare your friends and even family members away if they sit in your bed? Well the bed belongs to his/her owner. How dare others even touch it?


  • Sleeps with you in your bed

Does your dog jump into your bed along with you and claims a legal right to stay there? You are in luck then.

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