Doberman was originally developed in Germany as a guard dog. They have an extremely strong bite due to their long muzzle. A Doberman stands on its front toes that makes it fast and nimble. They are quite athletic with high endurance levels and quick chasing abilities.

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jobba hemma vab A Doberman can reach heights upto 72 cm. and weigh upto 45 kg. It is compactly built and is athletic with a muscular square frame. Dobermans have a long tail but their tail is cut as a practice. Cutting off a dog’s tail when small is called Docking. Their ears are also sometimes cropped in order to increase their local sound hearing abilities as a guard dog.

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Temperament They are extremely loyal and quite intelligent but can show stubborn behaviour if not trained correctly. They are quite ferocious and aggressive and have long been bred as a personal protection dog. Hence they need dedicated training in order to temper their demeanour to a good family dog. They can be quite aggressive to strangers but quite harmless to owners. Dobermans may sometimes interpret punishment as an attack and hence may sometimes attack back. They are widely used as a police or war dog.

Health Common diseases afflicting Doberman are dilated cardiomyopathy, cervical vertebral instability and Willeband’s disease. You may refer to our guide on ‘How to buy a purebred puppy’ for buying a disease free dog.

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go here A Doberman has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. رافعة مالية

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  1. Doberman is the fifth most intelligent dog breed in the world. They can very quickly learn simple tasks and obey commands more than 95% of the time.
  2. Doberman is an excellent guard dog. It has a fearsome reputation and a strong bite. It can detect suspicious activities and is very perceptive to slight sounds. Doberman’s are used a lot as a police dog and for personal defense and guarding homes. Doberman is fierce and unlike other more domesticated dogs, is not afraid to attack a perceived threat leading to its fearsome reputation.
  3. Being highly intelligent, Doberman is relatively easy to train. They can be made to learn even some of the more complicated and difficult jobs that other dog breeds are not capable of. There primary training is more towards doing police work.
  4. Doberman is extremely loyal and protective of its family. Despite their fearsome reputation, they love the companionship of people.


  1. Doberman is highly aggressive and not so friendly towards strangers and visitors. Although highly protective of its owners, there a few cases of it biting the owners in case of excessive disciplining.
  2. Doberman has a great deal of energy and requires plenty of space to exercise. Minimum one hour of heavy physical activity every day would keep your Doberman in good shape and mood.
  3. Dobermans need early socialization and training in order to develop it as a family friendly personality. Lack of appropriate training may lead to it showing excessive suspicion of guests and excessive barking.
  4. Being a guard dog, Doberman’s bark quite a lot. Again appropriate training is necessary to control the barking tendencies.

watch Health and temperament problems can be a serious concern in a Doberman. Buying carelessly breeded dogs can be a big liability and be prepared to do adequate due diligence to find a well bred one.

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