Should you buy or adopt a puppy? You have been thinking about getting a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd for some time now. You have researched…

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Why are purebred dogs so expensive? Imagine paying Rs. 50,000 for a 2 month old Golden Retriever puppy. With an average litter size of 8, a…

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5 things you should know before buying a dog A lot of us at some point have contemplated buying or adopting a dog. The dilemma is profoundly larger for…التجارة-قي-الاسهم-السعوديه-2013-ب-10-الاف Continue Reading →

Dog breeds most suitable for apartments Factors to consider while buying a dog in an apartment Level and amount of barking by the Dog Some dogs… Continue Reading →

What are Kennel Club’s and how to register your dog with them? What are Kennel Clubs? A Kennel Club specialises in dog breeding of some specific dog breeds, actively promotes them, maintains…

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10 most popular dog breeds that people buy in India

follow link 1. German Shepherd German Shepherd is a large sized working dog that has its origins in Germany. Popularly known as…متى-يرجع-فائض-اسهم-البنك-الاهلي Continue Reading →