Should you buy or adopt a puppy?

كيفيه التداول بالعملات والذهب You have been thinking about getting a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd for some time now. You have researched online about the breed characteristics and contacted several breeders in your area for determining availability. However, did you think about adopting a German Shepherd dog? Did you know that Labrador Retriever dogs are among the most found purebred dogs in animal shelters? And did you know that adopting a dog costs only a fraction of buying and raising a purebred puppy? Read on to find more details and then take a call.

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go Pets are surrendered to shelters for a variety of reasons. This may include the host family moving out of station/abroad or inappropriate behavior of the pet. In addition, a lot of pets found in shelters are rescued from the streets and need someone who can love and care for them.

حكم تداول الفوركس When compared to a purebred dog, the common Indian street dog (often found in shelters) is said to be better adjusted to the Indian environment. As a result, it is more immune to diseases that a purebred dog often finds herself suffering from. While shelters are usually home to mixed breed dogs / pets, you can also find purebred dogs/pets there. Following are the benefits and challenges of adopting a dog / pet from a shelter.

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  1. Many dogs / pets will have their vaccinations completed and spayed/neutered
  2. Several animal shelters offer you the option of returning the pet if she does not fit into your family. In fact, you should insist upon this option as this will force the shelter to match you to the right pet.
  3. You can observe the behavior of dog / pet for some time before deciding on bringing her home. Thus, you will know what to expect and what not to expect from the pet.
  4. Many adult dogs / pets have received basic training e.g. housetraining, thus saving you valuable time and effort.
  5. Mixed breed dogs have less inherited genetic problems as compared to a purebred dogs not bred carefully.
  6. Adopting helps two animals – the one you bring home and the one who will occupy the resultant vacant space in the shelter.
  7. Cost of adopting is much lesser than buying a pet.


  1. The exact long-term behavior of the pet is unknown. So, you don’t know how she will behave in your home. This can be critical if you have kids in your home.
  2. Some health problems may become apparent only later leaving you to grapple with them.

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enter Buying a puppy / pet


enter There are numerous breeds of dogs / pets with their own set of characteristics. Make sure of buying the right breed and buying it from the right breeder, if you intend to buy a puppy / pet. Following are the benefits and challenges of buying a purebred puppy / pet.


  1. A purebred puppy / pet comes with a rather well-defined set of characteristics. For e.g. – a Labrador Retriever is known to retrieve things and this characteristic can be used to train the dog. Depending on your requirement, you can choose an active playful dog like a Golden Retriever or a guard dog like a Doberman or someone else.
  2. A good breeder will be more than happy to show you the breeding facility and introduce you to the puppy’s / pet’s father and mother. Thus, you can observe the surroundings in which the puppy / pet has been kept – a good indicator of her future health. You can also observe the behavior of puppy’s father and mother which is a good indicator of how the puppy will behave at your home.
  3. A well-bred puppy will have her health taken over right from her birth. So, you will have lesser unexpected health issues to handle.
  4. You can mold the behavior of the puppy as per your requirements. Such a puppy / pet is more likely to adjust well to your family including your kids, if any.


  1. A purebred dog is more prone to genetically inherited health problems as compared to a mixed breed dog.
  2. Puppies / pets require lots and lots of training and patience. Housetraining will have to be started as soon as the puppy enters your home followed by obedience training later on. In spite of training, you will have to be ready for the occasional potty accidents, chewing up of your stuff and whining.
  3. Buying and raising a puppy / pet can be quite expensive.